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Let’s Get These Out Of The Way, They’re Nearly Done

Final prep: Cool breeze for your veins
And the softly-spoken words that send you gently away from what’s to come.

“It’s in those eyes of yours, though” (‘Seven’)
It’s the look in their eyes, Oh God so rare, looking down in bed, meeting their gaze, and seeing wonder, fascination…God I miss that.


‘Snuff 2: The Resurrection’

“Someone on staff will get you your well deserved virus…”

“Yeah, I know, we have no feelings…no compassion…no empathy for our client’s suffering. Can I say something? What does that have to do with anything? In fact, the lawyer who shares his client’s pain – in my opinion – does his client such a grave disservice, he should have his license to practice law taken away. It clouds his judgement. And that’s as beneficial to his client as a doctor that recoils at the sight of blood.”

A library (an often majestic, beautiful structure with aspects of timelessness) is now, in this grand age, simply a very, very large backup drive. So since we don’t even need those books anymore (everything’s online, right?) would it really be THAT outrageous to suggest that book burnings are better than books sitting on their shelves, because hey, at least on fire they provide a little heat for homeless people.

Supersonic: A creeping riff falling off a cliff. Poor thing.

Pupdate – 5/12/17

‘Semper Puppy’ Update: R.I.P.

LCL: No Change.


Grade For My Grade-Giving/Reviews: Sometimes they suck, but usually there’s SOME bit of interest in them, at least. And occasionally I pull some great inspiration from out of nowhere. That’s for you Mortone!

Louis C.K. – If you find a clip you haven’t seen, give it a watch. Never bad. His specials are probably his best (I haven’t seen EVERY C.K. bit) but there’s small bits of inspired tastelessness out there all over the place. That’s a Bingo!

An Oldie But A Bleu E

To the current “official” holder of LCL supremacy…”well you’re pretty good, old son, but sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it’s done.”

Lost City Lanes (Real) High Score: 2813, by me.

My All-Time High Score: 2813 (Actually higher, but let’s start from this).

Last Updated: 5/4/17

Pupdate – 3/31/17

Grimmsy Grimmling: On hiatus. Oh well, it’ll always be my ‘The Room’.

Semper Puppy Radio: Doing…ok.


Would you like your music featured on Semper Puppy Radio?

Of course you would.


BUT…if you REALLY do, and you want me to listen to it, here’s what you could do:

Comment here with info on how to listen. If you do, I’ll probably listen. That doesn’t mean I’ll PLAY it…but if you’re polite and all about it, the worst thing that’ll happen is nothing. I won’t trash it.

And who knows, I might like it.

P.S. – Don’t ask me to “mention” or “review” your music unless you want a genuine review. If you ask for it, you asked for it.

Film Grade Explanations

I grade on the system I was graded on as a wee one. It’s pretty simple:

A’s are 90-100 equivalent.
B’s are 80-89 equivalent.
C’s are 70-79 equivalent.
D’s are 60-69 equivalent (I’m expanding slightly here).
An F is under 60.
An F- is WELL under 60.
A C-for-horrificness is REALLY REALLY WELL under 60.

And further:
A+ = Brilliant, truly great
A = Great
A- = Extremely good
B+ = Very good
B = Good
B- = Pretty good
C+ = Above average
C = Average
C- = Below average
D+ = Below average/Unsatisfactory
D = Unsatisfactory
D- = Very unsatisfactory
F = Failure
F- = Complete failure

So you see, unlike critics who pan a movie and then give it 2 1/2 stars, the actual grade reflects the actual quality of the film.

So if you see an absolutely wretched movie (as explained in the REVIEW) graded “C” or “C-“, that means that QUALITY-wise, it’s lower than an F-. It also means that I like watching TRULY terrible films, and as far as terrible goes, this one’s a keeper.

And I don’t understand how people can get upset (and they have) at getting a B-.

A B- is exactly what it was defined as when I got them: Pretty Good.

To give a B- to something you don’t like is just stupid.

I mean, EVERY FCKEN MOVIE on review sites is at least 5.something out of 10. It’s like 1 through 4 don’t exist. If you hate a movie, don’t give it 5 f@cking stars out of 10. Give it 1. Because, you know, it’s REALLY REALLY bad. It’s on the LOW end. Not the MIDDLE …the LOW end.

So if I give a movie a D, that means exactly what it meant for me: “Unsatisfactory”.

It doesn’t mean “Abysmal failure”. It means: I grade according to actual grades.

Even in terms of F’s, there’s a HUGE variance.

Everything from 60-100 is NOT an F.

Everything from 0-59 IS an F/F-.

That means…there is MORE variation possible in failures than in non-failures.

It means…it’s HARDER to go from a 59 (F) to a 0 (Sub F-) than it is to go from a 60 (D-) to a 100 (A+).

It also means some F’s (59) are a LOT closer to not being failures than others (0).

What’s the difference, you might ask?

Well, if you show up for a test, do your best, but just do really badly and get a 59, you get an F.

If you show up for a test, sit there and draw smilie faces and “Fck you” for answers and get a 0…you get an F.

Not quite the same.

See how that works?

Pupdate – 3/8/17

Grimmsy Grimmling: TONS of ideas. But it takes some effort to make them apparent to you, and they’re already apparent to me. So, if anyone except my friends has any interest in seeing more, let me know in the comments.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m still gonna do them. Just not in as big a rush if almost noone else really gives a d@mn.

To those that DO (you know who you are), thank you very much for the support. And it REALLY will get more interesting, I promise 🙂

Semper Puppy Radio: Just set new highs in unique (recent) listeners AND in unique (recent) countries of listen-hood. THINK of it!

Also, working on maybe adding a cool new song or two or three. Not sure though, we’ll see. But don’t worry…it’s the same as it ever was!

People That Don’t Like Me: Eat my shorts.

Thoughts On Womens Day: People are people. Up with the best, forget the rest.

Pupdate – 3/1/17

Grimmsy Grimmling IV is imminent. Like, today maybe. Or tomorrow. We’ll see.

Semper Puppy Radio is doing pretty well, actually. New records for listeners/countries…check it out at

I’m now on Why?

“My…dark destructive tastes…I chose…to stroll amongst the waste that was your heart…lost in the dark…”

Speaking of which, I wonder how CD2 is doing.

MUDing – A Pupdate

“I’m … disappointed that you’ve chosen to store her, I had the pleasure to interact with her and you played her beautifully.” – ‘Armageddon’ staff

Oh, I bet you tell that to all the boys.

And you’re not the first! I’ve turned down several people already today. Still, we’ll get around it.

Conclusion: I guess I’m the Boogie Cousins of roleplaying.

P.S. – The hardest part of Forgotten Kingdoms roleplay is pretending, in character, that Gwain’s incredibly dull and persistent (and unpunished) obvious anachronistic stupidity doesn’t make you want to either puke or kick him in the nuts. Projectile vomit, maybe?

I was there YEARS ago, and also DAYS ago.

And no sidewinding, bushwhacking, hornswoggling, cracker-croaker is gonna roll my bishercutter!

And his roleplay hasn’t changed. Not at all. So, obviously, there’s been no punishment for his OBVIOUS and CONTINUAL violations of supposed “roleplay enforcement”, making the claim of “roleplay enforcement” just a huge pile of untrue advertising bullsh1t.

I’m not talking about things that are borderline. I’m not talking about a mistake once in a while. I’m not talking about “hey what’s up” instead of “Ho there, yon dapper fellow! Howst farest thee this day?”

I’m talking about persistent, constant, incessant, FOR YEARS, blatant, impossible-to-ignore and impossible-to-respond-in-character-to anachronisms.

As long as he’s there, every “rule” they have is worthless. Because they do NOT “enforce” roleplay. He is a living, breathing, anachronism-spewing example of that.

As to WHY…I can’t possibly imagine. It’s not like he’s even INTERESTING in his rule-breaking. He’s not even FUNNY when he does it. He’s DULL. DULL, DULL, My GOD he’s dull…and irrepressibly drab and awful.

Anyways, my job here is done. Now, the ritualistic sex.

2/25/17: Also, please feel free to try ‘The Burning Post’ 2.1. Because if you’re looking for a MUD where you can put in a lot of effort without worrying about the IMP getting bored and doing a “soft reboot”…this ain’t it. BUT, he’ll gladly tell you about his personal life and talk about how much he wishes he was playing other games. Because, after all, it’s “more of a”…(chat channel?)…”than a MUD”.

Caveats (I need to brush my MUDs more often): Shard is very helpful. Psyche is pretty helpful. Most of the players are fairly helpful, and decent RPers. Some are pretty darn good, actually. Vis:

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A decent clip from an…ok episode. Idle does his best to carry the show post-Cleese.

Pupdate – 2/21/17

Grimmsy Grimmling IV coming soon!

And after that, new Grimmsys will be ALL NEW! Like, you won’t be able to read them before they actually get made into comics! THINK of it!

In other news:

Semper Puppy Radio is doing…ok. Link to listen is at

Check out the other two links at – puppies n’ kitties are awesome!

I’m trying to think of something else but nothing happens!

Pupdate – 1/21/17

Semper Puppy Radio – Modified slightly for your (tell a lie, my) enjoyment. Go to and click on the far-right link.

Grimmsy Grimmling – I’m workin’ on it! ETA late this month.

Movie reviews – Should return on a non-consistent basis fairly soon.

DPT’s – As usual.

Other – *shrug* I dunno…inspire me.