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By Any Other Name

Hondjie, Hvalp, Hundido, Pentu, Chiot, Welpe, Kiskutya, Hvolpur,
Coileainin, Cucciolo, Catulus, Kucens, Geru, Atimuss, Valp,
Szczeniak, Rikono, Catel, Cuilean, Kuzek, Cachorro, Kone, Kucuk, Txakurkume, Cadell, Stene, Jonge Hond, Kutsikas, Tuta, Can,
Hundchen, Kolyokkutya, Anak Anjing, Suniukas, Catellus, Stena,
Kuza, Yavru Kopek, Con Cho Con, Catulo, Cwn Bach

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Brotherly Love

For those of you who missed out on a New Year’s Eve kiss, consider that at least you weren’t as unfortunate as Moe Howard…

*Moe* (Talking to a woman who then walks away, his eyes closed) “Kiss me…oh, kiss me!”
*Curly* (Shrugging and leaning in to smooch Moe) “Anything else, Sir?”
*Moe* (Opening his eyes) “I’m poisoned!”

Happy New Year

-Puppy >.< Slurp!

Honest Statement

I appreciate people coming to my website.

But I wish I could get a comment now and again about any of my posts, or a suggestion (what to review, how to be less annoying, etc) on what to post, or just random feedback.

Thank you to the people that have commented already, but to everyone else – If you feel like saying something, say it.  I don’t care if you agree or not, as long as you don’t get nasty

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Pupdate – Acknowledgement of areas of Mediocrity

Having myself gone back, after writing reviews for ‘Lackluster’ and (my favorite) ‘Equilibrium’, I’ve realized that while I’m not a GREAT critic now, I am at least an intermittently witty one with a certain degree of (useful) knowledge.

I’ve also realized that a lot of the sh1t I wrote many years ago is more akin to a high-school student’s homage to a REAL poet than anything of much value on its own. (Robert Christgau rocks my socks).

Therefore, I will be re-analyzing/writing a lot of the reviews I’ve written (mostly musical) over the course of the near future.

Feel free to check back, and if YOU have a band you want mercilessly analyzed in a competent fashion, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

3/2/13: Mission mostly accomplished.  It gets better, slowly…


I am Puppy.  Hear me…Snuggle/Degrade/Rip Other People’s Slogans

>.<  Grr…

3/16/14: Wow…three and a half YEARS ago…and still so cuuuuuuuuuute.  And of course you get to see the remarkable signature transformation.  Really…interesting.