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Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling, Semper Puppy Radio, Black Mirror, And Contractual Obligation Post

Hi there.

As stated, here are the pupdates:

Grimmsy Grimmling – Hope to have one posted before the end of the month. It has NOT been abandoned, and will carry on, worry not!

“For-eva…and eva…and eva…” *Typing*

Semper Puppy Radio – Still working on it. When it’s ready, I’ll have a link to it on the home page. Will play grunge, 90’s alt/rock, and random favorites.

Black Mirror – I haven’t reviewed the last one. I know. Maybe I will soon.

Contractual Obligation – Hello Google, please keep circulating the Puppy.

Pupdate – The Return Of Semper Puppy Radio


GREAT news. I am tentatively planning on putting Semper Puppy Radio back on the air!

Need to set some things up, make sure I’m doing it right, confirm compliance of regulations…etc, etc, etc.

But I’m pretty sure it’ll be back.

What’ll it play? Grunge, of course. And other cool stuff.

Tune in here for pupdates until you can tune in to the station.

That is all.

Pupdate – 10/17/16

Housekeeping of website is complete. For now.

My GOD was that tedious.

I noticed something while going through and tidying things up, too…

Lots of my posts suck. I mean, some are like really repetitive and some are just mediocre.

FORTUNATELY, I noticed some good ones as well. So, I’m both disappointed and heartened.

AND, I may say without fear of contradiction, that my movie/long subject/tv/short subject/MST3K reviews are all RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Good stuff, right from the beginning.

So if you’re wondering what doesn’t suck on here, it’s those, and certain selections from the other groups.


Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 10/9/16

Will there be new Grimmsys? Yes!

When? Next one probably next month!

What about after that? Probably one per month!

For how long? Indefinitely! Or until I change my mind!

Will the second one just be a visual version of the second text one? Yes!

Well why should I bother looking at it then? Pretty pictures!

What if I don’t care enough about that and want a NEW script; what’s the point in looking at it then? Well, none at all really!

Will there be new scripts? OH yes!

What advice can you give me for enjoying Grimmsy more? Lower your script standards, develop my sense of humor, and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND SACRED don’t read the text-only versions!

Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 10/4/16

For non-CA/A’s: More to come! Really…interesting.

For CA/A’s:

Disclaimer: Little Grimmsy, Escort of Souls is a work of fiction. I do not intend in any way to imply by statement or lack of statement that Grimmsy is in any way my conception or perception of death. Nor do I intend at any point to imply that I believe or do not believe in a deity or deities who may or may not exist and (if affirmative) may or may not be in any way related to the character of Grimmsy (see above) or the state, moments leading to said state, or any opinion or perception of death and/or the state of death in any way, shape or form. Numerous fictional events occur/have occured/will in future (assuming said plan of future comes to pass) occur regarding and involving Grimmsy and the comic strip ‘Little Grimmsy, Escort of Souls’; such fictional events have/do not/will not (if coming to pass) represent in any way any opinion, thought, feeling, or belief of any kind that I may or may not have regarding religion, spirituality, death, life, existence, non-existence, gravity, purple eyeballs, drawn pictures with accompanying words, text bubbles, ambiguous bubbles containing letters, punctuation marks, or symbols of any kind in any way, shape or form.

How To Find What You’re Looking For – A Search Guide By Puppy

Hi there.

If you are reading this, you may be having some trouble finding what you’re looking for on this site. Or, you’re just curious.

So here’s a quick guide:

If you’re looking for something EXACT…like, say, a movie review for ‘The Shining’…go to the “search” bar, and type in “the shining” (without quotes of course). That should bring up what you want.

If you’re looking for something EXACT, and CANNOT find it using the above method…type in a word or two of what you’re looking for, as I may have it listed slightly differently than the full title you’re entering.

For example, if you’re looking for a review of the first ‘Masters of Horror’ episode, and are having trouble finding it, try typing in “mountain road”, or “masters”, etc…this should bring up what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a specific CATEGORY…like, say, movies…scroll down from the opening blog page, keeping an eye on the left-hand side of the screen. Eventually, you will pass entries grouped by date…keep scrolling down, and RIGHT BELOW the entries grouped by date you will find entries grouped by CATEGORY.

Then, simply click on the category you’re interested in, and all the posts in that category will appear. Scroll through/read them at your pleasure, and enjoy.

So, for example, if you’re curious about Grimmsy (and who isn’t?) but don’t want to read the rest of the cr@p I post, you would scroll down until you saw the category entitled “Grimmsy Grimmling”. Then simply click on that, and all Grimmsy Grimmling entries should appear.

If you’re looking to read all my movie reviews, click on “Movie/Long Subject Reviews”…etc, etc.

Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 9/27/16

Yes, it’s the original title card! Actual art pertaining to Grimmsy!

The first strip itself is being drawn by a different artist, who is quite good. It’s almost ready! WOOHOO!

So…yes, basically this is more of a “See??? I DID post something!” message than any sort of pupdate. But hey.

Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 9/23/16

Yes, *STILL* expected to premier (with pictures, yet) in (admittedly late) September.

It’s so close I can almost taste it!!!

How many Grimmsy strips will there eventually be?

Good questions! Shall I?

Well, I’ve got a good solid 70+ in tentative idea stages, some closer to actual ready-to-be-written form, others more vague. And my very mildly creative mind continues to work on them!

And yes, for those wondering, there WILL be a story arc. That is to say, it won’t be strip after strip of only “here’s one, no relation to the others”…some will be sort of one-shot ideas, but the basic storyline is already extremely vaguely planned and will develop over time, so if you’d like to follow Grimmsy’s life and times, lucky you.


Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 9/11/16

I think I ACTUALLY have an artist to draw Grimmsy!


And this time, I mean it!

Seriously, I have talked to someone about drawing the comic and they seem nice and they are talented, so hopefully it’ll all work out and Grimmsy will appear, here, in VISUAL form, IN A COMIC…soon.

WOOHOO. Stay tuned.

My Website Ranking = 21,259,247

Date of last ranking update: 11/3/16

All-Time High = 21,119,070 (9/27/16)

It’s amazing, because when I was just an eensy meensy teensy little schmeensy and they asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I said “I wanna have a website of my own in the top 21.2 million”, and then they said “What’s a website?” and I said “I dunno” and they just sort of looked at me really funny.

Approximate date of comment’s first relevance: 9/10/16

11/7/16: This post has been abandoned. See ‘Black Mirror – Episode 8 (Nosedive)’

Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 9/3/16

Ok, so…

The artist (well, person that draws sh1t and wants money) that I talked to EXTENSIVELY about drawing Grimmsy (and a background), sent mails back and forth, hammered out the details, made an agreement that I assumed was semi-immediate, and PAID…

Put me on a 4.5 (told it would be at least 6.5) day waiting list to even START. They told me this AFTER I paid them. Lovely.

So ummmm…FCK em.

I’m gonna post the comic. One way, or another. Fact.

I hate mercenaries. Other fact.

“Non-sequitur. Your facts are unco-ordinated.”


Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 8/27/16

Yes, it’s still premiering in September!

Yes, it’s still a long-term thing!

Yes, I have lots of ideas!

Yes, it will have pictures! Hopefully by an ARTIST, even!

I’ll show them at the Royal College of Surgeons!

FINALLY, to show the excitement level that the Grimmsy antici…pation is simply NOT producing, a quote from a “Draw Grimmsy” contest entrant (and 2nd Place Winner!):



Break. The. Internet.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Realization Pupdate

I’ve realized a few things about Grimmsy.

1) Noone seems to want to GET PAID DECENT MONEY TO DRAW A FEW SIMPLE PICTURES for me. I mean, I guess if you really hate me I admire your integrity, but…if not, why don’t you want money, artist people?

2) Trey Parker and Matt Stone couldn’t draw either; they did fine.

3) Terry Gilliam’s Python animation stunk: it was a collection of cutouts pasted together and edited slightly. That’s it. And the current state of stock images is a LOT better than it was in ’69.

4) If noone wants to draw for me, given 2 and 3, I’m gonna just have to get some stock images (that are free to use), maybe do some cut-and-pasting, maybe do a bit of basic editing (it’s easier and easier these days) and do Grimmsy myself. It won’t be a brilliant work of art, but who cares? The point is the scripts, not the pictures. And after a short time, I’ll have enough stock images to re-use for most scenes, I’ll get better at pasting, editing, etc…

5) Grimmsy’s adorable. You know you love him.

6) Comic still coming in September!

6.9) I’m gonna keep a running total of how much money I would have paid someone for Grimmsy as I do more and more strips. Just for fun.

Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling FAQ Number Four

Believe it or not, even MORE questions that people who ask me constantly about Grimmsy (which would be noone) are CONSTANTLY asking, if they were asking any questions at all, which they aren’t.

1) When will Grimmsy first appear on this website in real, actual “comic” form? You know, with pictures?

– Early September, 2016.

2) How often will the comic appear once it starts appearing?

– At present, the plan is to “publish” (on this website) one strip per month. A strip being a collection of frames that tells a mini-story.

3) How many frames will typically be in a strip?

– 16 or so. So a panel of 4 frames will be published about once a week. Times 4 weeks (about a month), equals 16 frames, equals one strip.

4) Do you have an artist yet that will actually draw these pictures to go along with your words and cr@ppy ideas?

– Well the contest on ends on the 20th (winners to be announced on the 27th) and barring disaster, atomic holocaust, or…well, that’s it, really…someone will be drawing the comic, yes.

5) Why should I read your stupid comic?

– Well, the pictures alone will be worth your time. But if you’re an a$$hole and demand a story and all, I’ll be providing those too. Me, myself, I’ll guarantee it, see!

6) So what sort of things will happen in your comic?

– Oh, wouldn’t you like to know! You’ll just have to wait and find out like everyone else. Except me, I already know.

7) Really? How far ahead have you planned?

– Well, I have a basic story arc for the foundation of the comic set up. You know, the main characters, common settings, that sort of thing. And then lots of little things to branch off of that.

8) Do you think any woman will ever actually want to touch you again?

– Hmmmmmm. Probably not, no. Especially now that my teeth are a TOTAL mess… *Bares an extremely unattractive set of gums n’ choppers*

9) Are you ever actually going to review anything else ever again, or just do these stupid updates, and eventually the comic, if that can be believed?

– Oh yes.

10) What do you think of the Olympics?

– I think that Olympic uniforms probably would cut off blood circulation if worn on a regular basis. Also, why are people treating “The Final Five” as if it’s one of the greatest and most innovative nicknames in the history of the world? I mean…there’s five of them. And they’re the last group of five, or something. So like…it sorta makes sense. Also, did anyone else want to see Usain Bolt fall flat on his face? Also, in all seriousness, I think Michael Phelps is aware that he actually has a “legacy” now, and he takes it seriously. And good. Also, is it just me or does Rio suck as an Olympic venue? Also, is it just me or is Women’s Beach Volleyball a wonderful thing? Also, does anyone else think back to the days when you could enter your OWN olympics, in that game where you just hit the buttons really fast for the 100 yard dash? And then there was the hurdles, I think…and then the long jump, and then you had to do some weird sh1t to throw that thing. Also, April Ross is really cute. Also, does it feel at times – when they’re showing the not QUITE so popular events – like maybe they’ll start talking about Shirling?

11/11/16: Hey, this was pretty good. Yay me. But, the point of this edit is to state (even though the first one shows this already) that when I publish a Grimmsy comic – still hopefully/planning on – once a month, I will publish the entire comic at once. And, since I’ll post frame one FIRST and frame (last frame) LAST, you PROBABLY shouldn’t click on the entry that says “Frame X” where X isn’t 1, and it also might say (END) after the “Frame X”. Unless you wanna read it backwards.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Pupdate – 8/11/16

Here’s the latest:

The “A Little Contest” Grimmsy drawing contest will end on 8/20.

I will announce the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) on 8/27.

The Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls ™ – A Product of Puppy Comics (A Subsidiary Of ConHugeCo) comic will first appear, on this site, in the beginning of September.

Throughout the month there will be frames added. The exact “schedule” is undetermined ATM, but there will definitely be AT LEAST one full strip per month…probably two.

If YOU would like to appear in the comic, well…too bad, probably. Unless you give me a really EXCITING idea that gets you in.

If you would like to mock the comic, feel free. Dumb mocks will be mocked, clever mocks might be lauded.

I’m kinda thirsty, think I’ll get something to drink.

I’m sitting down, and facing forward.

– Puppy >.< Yip!

Puppy’s All-Time Blog Hit Total

I wasn’t gonna, but the DDOS attacks just make it seem so impressive.

Before switching to current blog: 1,005,084

Total Hits (All-Time): 1,430,988

Last Updated: 9/21/16

9/22/16: This has become tiresome.

I’ll leave the last total as…the last total. From now on, if you want to see how many hits I’m getting, a good way to get a general idea is to look at ‘My Website Ranking’…conveniently updated on this site!

As DDOS Turns – Part Nine

A partial list of people that don’t care AT ALL what I have to say:

Mauritius,, Hostname:
Nepal,, Hostname:
United Kingdom,,
Albania,, Hostname:
United Kingdom,,
Republic Of Lithuania,
Davenport, United States,
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Columbus, United States,

Last Updated: 7/31/16, 8:34 PM EST