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Pupdate – 3/8/17

Grimmsy Grimmling: TONS of ideas. But it takes some effort to make them apparent to you, and they’re already apparent to me. So, if anyone except my friends has any interest in seeing more, let me know in the comments.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m still gonna do them. Just not in as big a rush if almost noone else really gives a d@mn.

To those that DO (you know who you are), thank you very much for the support. And it REALLY will get more interesting, I promise 🙂

Semper Puppy Radio: Just set new highs in unique (recent) listeners AND in unique (recent) countries of listen-hood. THINK of it!

Also, working on maybe adding a cool new song or two or three. Not sure though, we’ll see. But don’t worry…it’s the same as it ever was!

People That Don’t Like Me: Eat my shorts.

Thoughts On Womens Day: People are people. Up with the best, forget the rest.

Pupdate – 3/1/17

Grimmsy Grimmling IV is imminent. Like, today maybe. Or tomorrow. We’ll see.

Semper Puppy Radio is doing pretty well, actually. New records for listeners/countries…check it out at

I’m now on Why?

“My…dark destructive tastes…I chose…to stroll amongst the waste that was your heart…lost in the dark…”

Speaking of which, I wonder how CD2 is doing.

Pupdate – 2/21/17

Grimmsy Grimmling IV coming soon!

And after that, new Grimmsys will be ALL NEW! Like, you won’t be able to read them before they actually get made into comics! THINK of it!

In other news:

Semper Puppy Radio is doing…ok. Link to listen is at

Check out the other two links at – puppies n’ kitties are awesome!

I’m trying to think of something else but nothing happens!