Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 237)

Euclid lasix tablet 40 mg price FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This is a troubling movie. FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This is also a troubling movie. FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Just, you know, if you find something in music or movies, or in life, that is positive, by all means share it as appropriate with the rest of the world. It helps… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 237)

Screen Rant Channel – Pitch Meeting Series

prednisolone tablets buy online Golpāyegān How could something like this – mockery of movies/actors/cliches via the same guy interviewing and interview-eed – get boring REALLY fast? Super-easy actually, barely an inconvenience. To make 47 entries that (mostly) don’t suck is sort of an achievement, though. But that’s done, and now it’s just sad. Made-Up Inspirational Quote: “Overworking a tired premise… Continue reading Screen Rant Channel – Pitch Meeting Series

Lessons From The Screenplay (Youtube Series) I’ve only watched two of them (One on suspense and ‘Inglourious Basterds’, the other on creepiness and ‘The Shining’) but from what I gather they’re well-made, well-researched, and interesting…the analysis is intelligent without being smug, sort of “I want to talk, right down to earth, in a language that everybody here, can easily understand”. Recommendation:… Continue reading Lessons From The Screenplay (Youtube Series)

The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide To Knife Fighting (6 Episodes, 2013)

Australia Australia Australia! Python comparison: None, nowhere near as good. KITH comparison: Pretty close at times, but not quite. Best Guess Reference: ‘The Vacant Lot’. Basically it’s a sketch comedy show/series that sometimes has themes reappearing later in each episode. I can’t see hating it, nor can I see loving it. But it is quite… Continue reading The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide To Knife Fighting (6 Episodes, 2013)

Kung Fury (2015)

This is INCREDIBLY silly. Pay no attention to the back story, or the main story. Just watch as some guy battles rogue arcade games, Der Fuhrer and other nasty foes. Personally, I find it stupid enough to be amusing at times. Other times, just stupid. But it’s short…if you like sh1tty movies, why not give… Continue reading Kung Fury (2015)

Junk (2011)

Narrated-in-rhyme short animated film. Creepy tale about a kid who eats junk food, then gets into really junky not-food. Very visually creepy, and gets pretty dark. It seems to be affectionately made for someone… It’s interesting, I think…and it’s short. Worth a watch. Now let’s get a f@cken snack! Grade: B-

Heart (2012)

Animated short film. Good animation, good background score. Creepyish look to it. It’s somewhat interesting to think about. Abstract, and all. Grade: C-

Black Mirror – Episode 13 (Hated In The Nation)

Starts off as a murder mystery, seems fairly generic and mildly futuristic (not the bees!!!). One of the future “hints” becomes possibly relevant. But this is a waste. I want ‘Black Mirror’, not ‘CSI-without-the-goth-chick’. A waste of time (yours, mine, the crew’s, the actors’), a waste of a decent basic idea, a waste of the… Continue reading Black Mirror – Episode 13 (Hated In The Nation)

Black Mirror – Episode 12 (Men Against Fire)

It was bound to disappoint after ‘San Junipero’, but I’m disappointed it disappointed this much. At first, you see what seems like a well-run, well-organized, spotlessly clean black and white fascist dictatorship (notice the highstep) that is hunting monsters they call “Roaches”; protecting “Civs” and keeping their order. There are some things you’ll notice (if… Continue reading Black Mirror – Episode 12 (Men Against Fire)

Black Mirror – Evaluation And Suggestion

The main thing that I like about ‘Black Mirror’ creator Charlie Brooker – besides the fact that he can write and direct well, making his episodes worth watching in the first place – is that his style is generally similar to Rod Serling’s, host of another show that Brooker’s has been compared to. And it’s… Continue reading Black Mirror – Evaluation And Suggestion

Black Mirror – Episode 10 (Shut Up And Dance)

Interesting. Better than 9, though nowhere near 8. Or 2. Starts off harmlessly and normally enough. The story seems more interesting; maybe that’s because it’s not expected to be anything as…”thrilling”? – no Ultimate Virtual Reality – and it keeps your interest, mildly, as it goes along. Mild but constant…and growing slowly, at least for… Continue reading Black Mirror – Episode 10 (Shut Up And Dance)

Black Mirror – Episode 9 (Playtest)

*shrug* it’s…ok. The first half – consisting of mediocre character development and totally un-gripping Basil Exposition – is worthless, except as setup. I believe Tom Cruise sums my feelings up, to this point of the episode: “What’s the point?? What’s the FCKEN point…” Things start getting a little creepy in the second half (“the game”),… Continue reading Black Mirror – Episode 9 (Playtest)

Dead Set – A Derogatorial

Almost-award-winning my a$$. See ‘Dead Set – Episode 1’ for the only info (and episode) that really matters. I read that Simon Pegg “disapproves” of the fact that these living dead run, not shamble like good old Romero zombies. And my response is: What are you, a moron? ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ came out… Continue reading Dead Set – A Derogatorial

Dead Set – Episode 5

Things get intense…and more interesting. But it’s the END, and that’s the main reason for both. Faint alliances form/are played briefly out. An example of Chaos Theory: Even the smallest action – a word, for example – can have an eventual massive reaction. Absurdly grotesque death scene…I don’t know if it was satire (?), ‘Dead… Continue reading Dead Set – Episode 5

Dead Set – Episode 4

An interesting tidbit: I don’t think I’ve ever seen an evacuation/rescue coerced in such a way before. It’s a nice touch. But otherwise: the characters don’t have enough depth to make this interesting, the novelty is long gone along with the satire, the mini-stories go nowhere fast, and I’m looking forward to it ending.

Dead Set – Episode 2

Test: The novelty’s gone, the first-creation (GRIMMSY!) inspiration is gone. Will it stay any good? Don’t know. This is a neutral bridge episode, at best. Meaning if the rest is any good, you might want to watch. If the rest sucks, episode one stands as a good infected “short-film”. I’ll keep you posted.

Paperman (Disney Short Film, 2012)

Review for people that think I’ve turned into an unrealistic softie: Yeah, sure, it’s cute. So what? As much as your hormones compel you to, and -even if- it was more than just hormones, and -even if- you knew you’d live happily ever after (which you don’t, and you won’t)…there’s nothing “real” or “romantic” about… Continue reading Paperman (Disney Short Film, 2012)