311 (1995)

3-for-14 will give you a marginal backup career in baseball.  Music is more forgiving.

Grade: B-

3/16/14: 3-for-14 with no clear favorite is not “pretty good”.  If it’s above average that’s sad, but at least plausible.  Grade: C+

Transistor (1997)

Reviews have, at times, been completely re-written.  Why?  Cuz they stunk, that’s why.  If you don’t have anything inspirational to say…
(“Beautiful Disaster”)

Grade: D

Soundsystem (1999)

Virtually worthless, unless you cannot live without “Come Original”.  I can.

Grade: D-

Don’t Mistake Lack of Talent For Genius

“To all those who have loved unconditionally only to have their hearts unanaesthetically ripped out:

Base Not your Joy upon the Deeds of Others, for What is Given can be Taken Away.

No Hope = No Fear” = No Life.

R.I.P. Peter Steele


3/16/14: Boredom, that’s why.  And because – even if noone else does – I care about this site being half-way decent, all the way through.  Biggest obstacle:  Music commentary.

No comment on the quote/”observation”…figure it out for yourself, I guess.  Boy does that face look bare next to the advancement I achieved in 3+ years.


I am Puppy.  Hear me…Snuggle/Degrade/Rip Other People’s Slogans

>.<  Grr…

3/16/14: Wow…three and a half YEARS ago…and still so cuuuuuuuuuute.  And of course you get to see the remarkable signature transformation.  Really…interesting.