Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 211)

Subtitle: ‘Perspectives’

Aside bit: Perspectives…you know, that’s the name of the post…oh, yeah…that’s funny…

Meaningful bit: So I’ve realized this a few times at least, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried to capture it here…basically the awesome nature of subjectivity. Everyone goes through their lives – I think, at least – thinking what they think, believing what they believe, feeling what they feel…and everyone thinks that their own beliefs and opinions are “right”, everyone else just “doesn’t quite get it.”

But think about it…every person that has ever lived has had a perception that was at least the tiniest fraction different from every other person that has ever lived.

So don’t be so sure that your perspective is always “the right one.” Because everyone thinks that, and everyone is wrong.

Screen Rant Channel – Pitch Meeting Series

How could something like this – mockery of movies/actors/cliches via the same guy interviewing and interview-eed – get boring REALLY fast?

Super-easy actually, barely an inconvenience.

To make 47 entries that (mostly) don’t suck is sort of an achievement, though. But that’s done, and now it’s just sad.

Made-Up Inspirational Quote: “Overworking a tired premise is TIGHT!”