Screaming dEAD Balloons

Cockroach’s Vanity (2024)

Found this randomly and gave it a (there’s-no-other-way-besides) quick listen.

It’s barely what I (and most people, at least before I got old) call an EP, which was good in two ways:
1) I didn’t have to listen long if it sucked and I wanted to review it anyways, and
2) The ratio of decent noise to sh1t is a lot higher when you only have to fill out 12:41.

It’s not bad. I have no idea WTF they’re talking about, nor do I care, but it sounds somewhat interesting.
Will it hold up to repeated listenings? No idea, cuz I’m gonna leave it at this and move on.

So, you know, if you like hard rock where the vocals are (mixed in and) basically dual/do-all hooks with the music, give it a try maybe?

Nice cover.

Grade: C-

Trilogy Of Terror (1975)

70’s clothes, 70’s hair, 70’s deco, 70’s rotary, etc…blech.

And these stories aren’t terror-ifying.

First one, mildly interesting. *shrug* Not worth it.

Second, not even that. Tedious.

Third, ummm…gimme a break. Laughable. And not intentionally.

BUT…it does have an interesting ending of maybe…a minute or so.

That saves this from the garbage heap.

Grade: D-

X (2022)

Cr@ppy graphic horror movie with obligatory sex.

Is it meant to be scary, truly scary? Or is it meant to be a sort of grotesque, over-the-top parody?

…Cuz it’s dull and/or laughable as often as it’s “OUCH!” or “D@MN!” worthy.

Direction, acting, dialogue, pacing, believable gore, actual “message”…all lacking.

Best timing: The alligator.

Off Netflix on 6/30/24

Grade: F