Who Goes There? (2012 YouTube Audiobook Adaptation)

From “Must Be Nice Studios”, it’s a good companion piece to John Carpenter’s 1982 movie ‘The Thing’.

Nice explanations/references here, of things you may or may not have cared about from the movie…unsure what’s what in terms of relevance or irrelevance to who or what or where or when or how or sometimes why? (Or who cares?).

But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

If you don’t like Carpenter’s film, this is probably not worth it. If you *DO*, it is, if only to compare little variables and check what’s really what and who’s really who.

One of the “things” actually argues INTELLECTUALLY for its own existence when it’s still – for most intents and purposes – “human”.

Inspirational Quote: “So it’s walkin’ around without skin. Maybe it’ll look better.”
IQ Cousin: “Maybe we at war with Norway.”

Grade: B-

Who Goes There? (2023 YouTube Audiobook)

The original novel was the planted triffid seed for John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’.

The narrator sounds far too much like Aldo Farnese to take the intro seriously. At least he doesn’t tell us about trade school.

At around 1:02 he sounds like the creepy-a$$ animated guy from one of the ‘From Beyond’ short subjects.

An UP! and down persistent volume warning is definitely in play here.

There is one thing about this version that I rather like: just think about the vague and also contrastingly *sharp* changes possible in perception. Wow man…what a trip.

Nice argument (possibility?) at 1:06:50 from MacReady…

Around 1:49: Hmmmm…the thing is a pacifist?

Ha ha.

Inspirational Quote: “…a flash of electric blue seared upward from beyond the granite wall.” (and inspired J.C.’s opening?)

Grade: C-

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (2015 YouTube Audiobook)

This is the audiobook of the original 1955 novel.

Alright…we’ll call it a draw.

The rampant sexism can be creepy and annoying at times.

Very interesting material, and it holds your attention for the most part.

Read pretty well overall, mostly convincing emotion as appropriate but a few too many cracks.

Scientific probabilities: Don’t care. It’d take all the mystery out of life.

The debate and explanation near the ending is pretty cool, very clinical and undeniable.

The ending itself seems really half-a$$ed, inspired by the times and drawn out of a hat. The 1978 movie has a similar but more likely (near) ending.

Inspirational Quote: “…tell you later.”

Grade: C+


I’ve decided that I will not go back and re-review anything I’ve aleady reviewed. BPD and/or the like makes this an extremely difficult task, PLUS there are so many reviews, PLUS very few people seem to give a solitary fck.

So if my opinion has changed, oh well. This is a work I’ve built for myself out of nothing. It’ll always be here and always be that, even if it has major old mistakes.

– Puppy

The Day Of The Triffids (YouTube Audiobook 2017)

The first chapter is decent but slow.

The rest is…slow.

I *have* to listen to the entire thing when I review one of these, but do yourself a favor and trust me: it ain’t worth it.

Kinda creepy, kinda silly, quite boring.

The main character/love interest relationship is emotionless and clinical…just like all the relationships. And, let’s be honest here, characters. There’s just very little to induce you to care about any of the characters and/amid the boring, incredibly-potentially interesting story about molluscs errr triffids.

There’s a great sexist rant at the end of Chapter Ten.

BTW: The idea that your life ends if you go blind is both offensive and absurd.

Inspirational Idea For A Good Sign To Wear: “I am sighted and submissive”.

Grade: D-


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‘Absolutely Fabulous’:

“Patsy used to date Keith Moon.”
“Well, sort of…woke up underneath him in a hotel bedroom once.”


Wow…that’s ummm…something, alright.

(Example of Fair Use)

Have a nice day.

– Puppy

Bartleby, The Scrivener (1853)


With all due respect, this is as boring as the world that Bartleby seeks to escape from.

Much of the interest in this story is seeing the physical reactions, which is done much better with pictures.

It’s just…dull. Not “bad”…just *dull*.

DISCLAIMER: If you have no idea what to expect beforehand, it will be more interesting. If you know the quote, and the inevitability, there’s just no point in listening.

Grade: D (Upped a notch for newbies)

Born Of Man And Woman (1954)

Short story by Richard Matheson. It’s interesting and quite sad.

A first-person “entry by entry” account of something/someone chained in their (supposedly?) parents’ basement.

By “its” own vague description and from what it says “mother and father” tell it, it is hideous in appearance, but that’s not made explicit.

Probably more interesting that way; leaves a bit to your imagination.

It’s a little TOO short, would be my only real complaint.

Grade: B

The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

To make it quick, this was written by Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker. They went on to write ‘Airplane!’, among others.

But this is minor-league baseball – where even the best stars first need to work out the kinks and learn the ropes.

Sometimes painfully.

So unless you really (REALLY) can’t get enough of ZAZ, stick with something else.

Grade: D-

The Metamorphosis (2012 Audiobook)

1915 story by Franz Kafka.

Incredibly creepy, right from the start.

From there, it just seems – from the main character’s reaction/narration – that it will be the same boring story of a traveling salesman with little attention paid to the fact that things have changed JUST A BIT as he’s now a huge insect. I mean…that would make selling a bit difficult, wouldn’t you think?

Fairly quickly, though, things seem to change…but very slowly in terms of how the narrator views things and thus describes things. Like a brain that is slowly turning from human to insect. I didn’t expect that, actually, and it’s an object of curious interest. CREEPY interest.

Everything just slowly and inevitably starts to collapse. Depressing.

Depressing because it is seemingly completely without reason; someone destroyed in an instant for no good reason, doomed to simply die slowly.

Inspirational Quote: “…simply have to overcome a slight indisposition for business reasons.”

IQ2: “It’s not fair it’s not FAIR!”

Grade: B

The Human League

Greatest Hits (1988)

You can’t get much more meaningless than this. So “Human” is kinda funny, kinda nostalgic, and stupid.

Mechanical (hooks) World. Almost all aren’t hooky enough to warrant listening to the guy’s voice/meaningless lyrics.

Good for when you want to feel substantial, no matter how insubstantial you are.

For best results, instead of listening to 1-16 once each, listen to 1 sixteen times.

(“Don’t You Want Me”)

Grade: D

From Beyond (Michael Granberry Stop Motion Animated Short Film, 2006)

This is definitely the best of the three ‘From Beyond”s that I have partaken fully of.

The other video is interesting but crude and quite flawed. The audiobook is good, but it’s much better with pictures.

I like the animation, which may not be perfect but to me seems to capture the spirit of Lovecraft’s weirdness…the oddness of his otherworldly beings.

I like the voice acting very much. Good sound effects, too.

And I gotta say I love the ending: A bonus that makes it even better, an original addition in the spirit of Lovecraft.

Inspirational Quote: “Yes, my friend, these are the quivering monstrosities that float and flop about you every moment of your life…”

Grade: A-

From Beyond (Dangerous Puppets Stop Motion Animation Short Film, 2015)

Very odd and unusual as well as…Creepy. “Rough”…weird and not for everyone, but I get a certain enjoyment from it.

It’s a nice little variation in a rare form. Guilty pleasure maybe, but so what 😛

Inspirational Quote: “I want to showwwwwww you something.”

Grade: C+

From Beyond (HorrorBabble Audiobook, from ‘Three Weeks Of Weird’ compilation, 2017)

H.P. Lovecraft short story…one of his best, I think. Audiobook version. At just under 20 minutes, it’s certainly worth listening to (as well as watching, but those are two other posts). Each ‘From Beyond’ entry is worthy of your attention.
Good all the way through, and about as close as Lovecraft comes to a happy ending.

Grade: B

The King In Yellow (1895): The Complete Collection (Horrorbabble Audiobook, 2017)

Do you like pretension and open-to-any-interpretation? You’ll love this. No? It is then worthless to you.

Fine, the first four “Volumes” have some connections. Enough to maintain interest. But interest based on hope for something MORE, hope that these building blocks will pay off later. But they don’t. They are just LEFT THERE, as the author moves on to confusing insane writing *WITHOUT* connections.

I would try the first four, just to be sure, but trust me on the next six.

When I consider the year that this was published, it makes a LOT more sense. I mean, very few people probably had a then-current chance to read the work, so I imagine it encouraged clever people to gather together in groups with their majestic rare book and dwell on how all the common schmos had no idea this even existed…a shared, rare secret. But it’s not rare anymore. Anyone that wants to know whether they are sufficiently stoned or not could probably determine that by listening to a bit of this. If it sounded brilliant, “It all makes sense to me now!!!”, then you’re plenty stoned. Or plenty high. *riff riff*

If you have interest in this sort of thing, if you have interest in weirdness, if you have interest in H.P. Lovecraft, if you have interest in weird a$$ sh1t….if you WANT to like this, and KNOW it, and what it means, you may very well listen to EVERY line for any hint of anything it might (eventually) give. Oh well, I can’t stop you.

But don’t underestimate this: If you’re of sound mind and don’t wanna get a little freaked or laugh in wondrous surprise, it’s not for you.

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s anything brilliant to be discovered here, because there’s nothing brilliant being *SAID* here.

It’s brilliant nonsense rambling, and if you discover a meaning for yourself, it’s completely by accident…..you’ll try, of course, that’s only natural. Those that like trying and thinking odd, unbidden images will keep on with it, those that do not will stop pretty d@mn quickly.

I have no idea and don’t care enough to look into it, but does this have ANYTHING to do with King Crimson, the obviously much-later-on prog-rock band?

H.P. Lovecraft supposedly read this (and *LIKED* it, yet!), thus justifying its existence.

“Volume One”: A great moment in the history of insane first-person “narration”…At this point, without reading further, it seems as if the entire volume is meant to be a story written by a lunatic, and while it seems pretty insane, I was expecting (hoping?) for something a bit more “important”. A bit of mythos, in the vein of Cthulhu, to get really weird freaky things going.

“Volume Two”: Less varied and weird (less, still very)…not as “good”(?) as one but don’t even *THINK* about skipping chapters, this is a WORK, of art or cr@p or insanity, in any case a work, and it won’t do to pick-and-choose. A beautiful woman is at the center of this buried amidst the now-usual borderline-insane ramblings that go here, there, and/or everywhere.

“Volume Three”: Interesting musical ramblings and/or musings…(more) impressive insane ramblings.

“Volume Four”: Official ‘King In Yellow’ chapter of the Boston Red Sox! Vague reminders of 3 on occasion…and a vague resolution to the supposed theme that’s not any more or less meaningful as any independent ramblings thus far.

“Volume Five”: The origin of the fabled snipe? Love, birds, endless vistas, other weirda$$ sh1t…adding intermittent French has no effect whatsoever. I mean, you know it doesn’t mean anything more than the rest of the nonsense here. Sounds nicer, though…French is such a pretty language.

“Volume Six”: Repetition and sub-sub-titles…I was very thankful when I realized it was short.

“Volume Seven”: Puss? or Puss?…meh or calming, or both. I don’t remember, already.

“Volume Eight”: Oh God this is starting to make my brain bleed. War is – confusing and boring?

“Volume Nine”: Mocks itself at least once, very welcome and normal…French, American, (ew!) Latin…oh Dear God this whole thing is the worst audiobook I’ve ever listened to. Allow me to quote a hero of mine on something completely different: “For a long time I thought this was the worst rock band in history simply because it was the most pretentious, but sometimes pretensions are (at least partially) earned.”…painting tends to be a somewhat common mention…fish FISH a FISHY requisite t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t…”an ecstasy of trill”, now *that* is a cool description – finally. Crossdressing. A miracle. Lots of Rue…faster, faster…

“Volume Ten”: “Crimson, nor yellow…” Is this more evidence that King Crimson took this cr@p and tried to make it sane? Or did they try to keep it insane and go full-on pretense? Or is there no connection? Or who cares?…art teacher…longggggg smile…intermittent French as it builds to a CLIMAX. (No, not really…)…multitudinous love…greater than normal attention, hoping for and waiting for (but not expecting) an actual, meaningful ending that somehow sums things up in some small way at least. NOPE.

Inspirational Quote: “What?? What about the chicken?”

IQ2: “…(passages) that made (‘The King In Yellow’) such an admirable (audiobook) to fall asleep to.” – A Hero

Grade: C- (Upped three notches for inspiring talented writers)

The Outsider (2017)

H.P. Lovecraft short story on YouTube, illustrations by Tanabe Gou, voice by Jaemi Samples, montage by msa_21

A version made IMPO more interesting by the “gender” being female.

The creepiness is pretty predictable, at least it was for me, but it’s an enjoyable watch with just enough suspense to keep you tuned to confirm 100 percent that it was what you thought it was.

For Lovecraft, this is light.

Grade: B-

8/12/23: For Lovecraft, this is simplistic.

But that’s more an allusion to the extreme NON-simple-ness (I like making up words to suit my purposes) of almost everything else he wrote. It’s not simplistic in a vacuum or any other piece of household machinery. You may guess the hook early on (then again you may not), but he doesn’t just take that as may be and write filler around it. There’s a lot of description and thought that goes on. So, I think it’s…good. Grade: B

First Time Watching – Overview

Are you bored and lonely? Looking to watch a movie with someone but also by yourself?

This is a category on Youtube where you can do pretty much that.

The quality varies wildly of course, and you’ll have to go through a lot of different “fellow watchers” before you find a Fav.

It can be enjoyable. Just remember – it’s cool to “watch with someone” at times, and in this case you can stop any time you want, and not have to interact in any way. So it’s good for semi-loners and/or really shy and/or depressed and/or socially awkward people.

BUT…they’re not really your “friends”. So avoid unhealthy obsessions. And keep your money in your pockets.

Word that will sear itself into your brain before too long: “Content”.

– Puppy

Linda Ronstadt

Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 & 2 (2007)

Buying individual “albums” of hers is a waste of money.

Everything you need is here, not that there aren’t other nice/pleasant songs out there, but the appeal is so similar that it’s just not worth it.

Lots of nice, pleasant melodies sung by a really, really good and impressive voice. And the fact that she was pretty gorgeous doesn’t hurt the enjoyment.

So basically just get it started, and don’t worry about being too distracted. You’ll get a nice, pleasant feeling that won’t interfere with anything important you actually have to do. Because there’s nothing “important” here.

Once in a while a song sticks out and is a bit more enjoyable than usual, and there’s nothing embarassing here, which is nice.

Then again, I’m so hopelessly out of date that this should be taken mainly as nostalgia.

(“Long, Long Time”, “You’re No Good”, “Hurt So Bad”)

Grade: B

Pupdate – 7/27/23

I’m back. As you can tell, I’m super excited. I will of course be adding more content. If you somehow stumbled here and read this, great. Have a look around if you like. Or don’t, I don’t care. It’s really for me. A nice permanent recording. If you like what you see and want to support this website and help me add even more quality content, then…well, don’t do anything, I’m not linked up to any support sites. “But seriously, folks”, if you came here on occasion and if you left a cute little sweet little lovey-dovey comment every now and again (like now…and again), I would actually genuinely appreciate it. You may love me, you may hate me, but I hope you at least find me mildly interesting…with an idol like The Dean Of American Rock Critics, Robert Christgau, this makes a lot of sense. Except that he’s extremely interesting.

– Puppy

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 237)

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This is a troubling movie.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This is also a troubling movie.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Just, you know, if you find something in music or movies, or in life, that is positive, by all means share it as appropriate with the rest of the world. It helps to express feelings in a non-destructive manner sometimes. No-one is perfect. If you expect, be sure to give.

We all need that harmless release. Believe me, it can help. Sometimes not *shrug* but so what, “at least you tried.”

No Opinion On Lentil Puppy Call Letters

A as in at the same token
B as in ‘The Black Eagle’, the second-best movie ever made…by humans.
C as in “A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night; you see us together, chasing the moonlight…”
D as in “…doorway that I run through in the night.”
E as in Eye SEE
F as in Forklift
G as in Good-Time Charlie
H as in Hamm’s Delicatessen
I as in “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”
J as in Japo-Scandinavian eal.
K as in 19
L as in Lion-taming hat
M as in Morbid desire to face the end of the world.
N as in “Not The Carpenters too…”
O as in “Our official response will be arriving shortly via the North Pole.”
P as in “Private Joker’s silly and he’s ignorant but he’s got guts, and guts is enough.”
Q as in T
R as in R’lyeh
S as in Snausages
T as in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
U as in DOS basics.
V as in Vicious gangs of “Keep Left” signs
W as in “Watch out for snakes.”
X as in Scape
Y as in “You swim like lions through the crest and bathe yourself in zebra flesh.”
Z as in Grade

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 234)

“…these dreamsongs are nightmares of a world in flames, the kind you remember in all their scary inconsistency because you woke up sweating in the middle.” – Robert Christgau

With R.C., sometimes the review is more enjoyable and more fun to OCD to than the actual song/track/record/cassette/cd/mp3/beyond-my-comprehension.

In this case, I think “screaming” would be more appropriate, more image-inducing, more interesting. But he’s the best. Was, at least.

I am more and more uncomfortable with my failing relevance to things after “In my day…”

So out of touch that there’s really no point in trying to get current…impossibility takes a lot of pressure off.

So, next generation, you go out there and kick some a$$, metaphorically speaking.

Catch (2017)

IMPORTANT: I am not suggesting anything by posting this. I just like feeling.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A short film on YouTube. Pure love on a tiny island surrounded on all sides by darkness and apathy and loneliness. And reality.

Plucked quote for coolness: “The course of action I’d suggest, is…a course of action I can’t suggest.”
Plucked quote for coolness Part 2: “I have seen much of the rest of the world…it is brutal, and cruel, and dark.”
Plucked quote for resonance: “…sometimes that’s good. Sometimes it’s not so good. Sometimes he hurts me and seems to like it.”